@ 2006 Beyond D.A. Bus

The Start

24" Wheels


Back Suspension

Front Suspension

Custom HID Lights


7.3 Diesel Engine

The next steps in D.A. Short Bus Build:

-Finish the metal work on D.A. Short Bus and fit the 7.3 diesel engine in the bus, which is being done by www.nfamusairsuspension.com

-Install the Air Lift Performance 3H Ride Management system thanks to the partnership with www.airliftperformance.com

-We are adding some go fast parts and reliability to the diesel engine thank to www.swampsdiesel.com

-The 2003 7.3 diesel engine is being prepped and worked on by www.dieseldynamicsllc.com

-Paint, Interior, and Stereo is being done by Forgotten Rides Garage with the paint sponsored by TAMCO